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Quality Interpretations and management of subsurface projects


To generate quality interpretations of the subsurface using the diverse geophysical and geological data sets available. 

Help clients rapidly develop their understanding of basins through to discoveries that need appraisal, assist them in managing permit licences, permit round applications and new ventures. 


Julian Mather is the principal who has over 35 years of international experience, 25 years of which was working for TOTAL. He has vast geophysical interpretational experience from basin evaluations to appraisal drilling and has worked in acquisition and supervised many processing projects as the lead geophysicist. While working for TOTAL Australia he was the Head of Geophysics and Offshore New Ventures.


Mather Geosciences provide either a project based solution with the capability to work independently with stand-alone workstation and software or collaboratively with other team members electronically or by working in-house. With such a broad range of skills and experience, efforts can be quickly focused towards key tasks, areas of required expertise or simply managing the projects.


Julian Mather can supply turnkey solutions to oil and gas companies or direct spot assistance to help carry out specific tasks in the geology and geophysics exploration space. Interpretation of geophysical data integrated with well data is the main area of expertise. With project based experience, solutions for evaluations of acreage either over held permits, for new ventures or new business opportunities can be carried out. The focus can be varied and pragmatic depending on the goals and economic drivers. The tasks can be tailored from broad evaluations of potential and risk to identifying and evaluating prospects and leads in detail using the strong technical skills honed over many years to give fully integrated subsurface assessments.


Work can be carried out in our office with our own workstations and software so projects can be focused and efficiently carried out. Regular updates can then be planned to keep the client’s asset team and senior management updated either via video conference or directly if locally based. Furthermore, although travel is restricted at the moment to local offices when the situation improves I am also happy to travel in support of projects if required.

Regardless of the scope and requirements each project will be carefully managed.

  • Time frame agreed with milestones and off ramps agreed.

  • List of deliverables (Progress reports, Powerpoint, maps, grids etc. . )

  • Phase meetings and presentations either directly or via video conference

  • Focus on the key objective to ensure it is sufficiently covered be it a specific  prospect/discovery, general risking and ranking of opportunities or  preparing and managing a specific third party projects


Typical projects undertaken include:

  • Basin reviews for remaining potential and play extensions

  • Overview of license holders position and focus in the region

  • Government lease/permit round evaluations and G&G application document preparation

  • Evaluations of licensed acreage either as operator or as a second opinion

  • Farmin and competitor portfolio assessments

  • Acreage evaluation and preparation for farm down or complete divestment

  • Representative at partner meetings for permit management and technical issues

  • Recommending, planning and managing exploration work programs

  • Wildcat and appraisal well path planning

Project Service

The vision in this new Covid world is to help clients evaluate their existing acreage and assist in new ventures either working alongside their teams or independently as circumstances decide. With full standalone capabilities and a large amount of the Australian offshore open file data loaded, interpretations and evaluations particularly in Australia can be kicked off quickly and efficiently. Work can then be done independently and confidentially or collaboratively with the client or other experts as required.

The diverse experience and expertise gained while exploring many of the worlds basins with various data sets and experts over the last 30 years ensures a much broader view and minimises the risk of interpretative bias, helping clients unlock the potential of their exploration acreage or understand the value of new business opportunities.


Being based in Perth, Western Australia were there is a well established oil and gas industry currently free of local movement restrictions means an excellent environment to foster a vibrant and creative network to develop innovative ideas for plays, prospects and portfolio synergy concepts. This is further enhanced by the rapidly developing modes of communication and ability to have dispersed team collaboration making it possible to offer an excellent service to companies anywhere around the world. Continuous client and partner collaboration during a project is expected to help build and maintain a trusted working relationship and ultimately ensure “buy in” of a high calibre technical assessment.


In a Covid - 19 Environment

Project Vision
Project Experience


Julian has gained global industry experience as a geophysicist after graduating from UTAS in 1984 with a BSc. in Geology and BSc. Hons in Geophysics. However he started his career as a professional sailor in the Pacific before realising this had limit growth potential and headed off to Southern Africa to use his degree. He work as a Field Geophysicist for JCI doing a broad range of data acquisition from walking around the African savannah collecting mag - gravity data and acquiring seismic to flying in planes at night for infra-red surveys. In 1990 he “went bush” and drove to London where he picked up a junior interpreter role with Elf Aquitaine in 1991. From here the great journey in a major oil company began, starting in London and then moving to Aberdeen working the North Sea. Five years later he found himself in Paris to be part of their international new ventures team where he worked many of the major petroleum basins of the world.

Following the merger with TOTAL he was sent to Houston as a Senior Geophysicist working permits and new ventures in the GOM (2001-2005). Angola was the next stop to head up the Non Operated Exploration and Appraisal Team until 2009. Over 20 years later he finally landed back in Australia to be part of the newly opened Total E&P office in Perth where he spent the majority of his time as Head of Geophysics and as the Offshore NWS New Ventures team lead until the subsidiary was relocated to Singapore. At a cross roads the family decided to step of the expat treadmill, like many before and soak up the Perth life style for a bit longer.

Since 2016 Julian has been working as a consultant but found himself full time employed by SpectrumGeo to help evaluate the Fugro library of new and legacy multi-client data following the purchase plus assist with marketing of the data, promoting new projects and advise on new business opportunities in the APAC region. TGS then purchased SpectrumGeo in 2019 and he continued to work for them promoting improvements in their seismic data library, interpretational aspects as well as presenting features of geological interest and new opportunities. 2020 has been a rather unpredictable with work becoming more piecemeal with some spot work for TGS and a financial company doing due diligence evaluations on funding requests from the smaller independents. During his career he has published the odd paper and presented widely from company to all types of industry events and continues to do so when the opportunities arise.



Australia: Carnarvon Basin, Exmouth Plateau, Barrow Sub-basin, Browse Basin, Canning Basin, Bonaparte Basin, Great Australian Bight, Otway Basin, Sorell Basin, Georginia Basin, Perth Basin

Papua New Guinea: Gulf of Papua



Indonesia: Gorontalo Basin, West Timor Trough, Arafura Sea

Malaysia-Philippines: Sarawak-Sabah-Palawan Basins

Timor-Leste: Timor Trough, Sahul Platform

China: Pearl River Mouth Basin



United Kingdom: Southern Gas Basin, Central Graben, Moray Firth, Viking Graben, West of Shetlands, Rockall Trough, East Irish Sea, Solway Firth Basin

Ireland: Porcupine Basin, Celtic Sea



Morocco-Algeria: Alboran Sea, Illizi-Berkine Basins, 

Senegal-The Gambia: MSGBC Basin

Nigeria – Cameroon - Guinea Equatorial – Sao Tome: Niger Delta Basin

Gabon - Congo – DRC : Congo Basin

Angola: Lower Congo Basin, Kwanza Basin, Namibe Basin


North America

USA: Gulf of Mexico, (Texas Shelf and Deep Offshore)


South America

Brazil: Campos Basin, Santos Basin, Esperito Santos Basin, Sergipe Alagoas Basin


Data reviews from other basins have also been carried out e.g. Indonesia, Namibia and East Africa.

G&G exploration experience from frontier basin evaluations to appraisal field development


Regional Evaluations: 

To rank regions to focus on for permitting either directly, in upcoming licence rounds or by farmout opportunities. 


Wildcat Block/Permit evaluations:

Block focused prospect and lead evaluations with risked reserves calculations


Near Field Exploration:

Integrating producing field data  to carry out step out exploration to backfill or expand existing production


Operational Experience:

  • Planning, acquisition and supervisory processing roles of 2D/3D seismic, gravity, magnetic and EM surveys.

  • Location and planning of exploration and appraisal wells.

  • Broad experience at reporting to governments bodies, stake holders and partners


New Ventures:

  • Evaluations of specific developments, permits or prospects for farming and lease sale opportunities.

  • Evaluations of companies exploration portfolios for mergers and acquisitions.

  • Advice of on the risk profiles and further potential if particular plays proved positive or just some aspects.

Experience encompasses some of the most prolific and frontier basins across the planet

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